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Brand identity and logo design

What is brand identity; why do so many people strive to get this right?
Branding is not just about a pretty logo. Branding forms the overall experience that people have with your company and influences their impressions of it! So if you get your branding right, you have the opportunity to influence your existing and potential customers’ impressions of your business.
A good logo should form a clear focal point for your company. And while it is a part of the brand puzzle and not the whole, it might be the thing that people remember you by, making it a vitally important item to get right.

We can help with:

Logo and Brand design:
– Starting with discussing your business’s goals and philosophy, we’ll invest the time to understand it properly. This will allow us to develop branding concepts tailored to fit your needs and make a real difference to how people perceive your business.
– We will develop your logo with you, offering many initial ideas for you to consider, before working to finalise the design.
Brand consultancy
– Improving your current brand identity – developing methods with you to give your potential and existing customers a great experience of your company.
Brand and corporate guidelines
– If you are happy with your current brand identity but wish to create an official ‘house style’ document for your staff, we can help you create a manual where everything is clearly explained and outlined, ensuring brand consistency across different applications.
We take time to understand your requirements, who your target audience is and most importantly what your brand means to your customers. If you’d like to see more in-depth examples from B2C sector or B2B sector, please get in touch.
This is an example of how we arrived at the final logo for Red Earth Gardening:
logo design process

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